Marvell Engineering - Hardware - Program Management - HW in Yokneam, Israel

The Program Manager will work with the Managers of the Project and the PLMs of Business Development Marketing to establish a budget for the Marketing, Sales and Business Development Group. Vision: Create and implement a vision for customer service excellence. Expected results: A closely aligned customer service team that is motivated by a compelling vision for delivering the products and services required by the customer and that is implementing a plan to achieve it.


Program Manager:

Deliver products and services which meet or exceed the customer’s expectations. Create and implement a culture of continuous improvement that drives both existing operations and new processes. Specific responsibilities include:

Strategy: the Program Manager will work with members of Senior Management team to set the overall strategy and objectives for a group of projects.

o Align the outcome of the projects with the organization’s overall business goals.

o Communicate this strategy to the project managers and ensure that individual project goals align with the strategy.

Resource Allocation:

o Ensure project teams have the resources they need in order to conduct their roles.

o Assist in the establishment of budgets and allocate people and technical resources to individual teams.

o Establish priorities within the overall program and allocate resources in line with those priorities.

o To minimize waste and reduce costs, they identify tasks that are common to a number of projects and ensure that teams do not duplicate work. o Review the skills available within the project teams and arrange any necessary training to improve performance.


o Work with individual project managers to establish plans and goals for each project. Set objectives, assign tasks, allocate budgets and agree to timetables for achieving intermediate and overall goals. Also set review dates to ensure that projects remain on target. To obtain the information they need to coordinate and monitor progress across all projects, Program Managers establish a formal reporting structure.


o Communicate effectively with project managers to track progress and provide updates on any changes in strategy or priorities.

o Report to senior executives on the progress of individual projects and the overall program. If necessary, enlist specialists within the organization to obtain information or request support to help project teams with difficult problems.

  • #LI-BA1 *

B.Sc. / M.Sc. Electrical Engineering

More than 10 years in Semiconductor leading firm with proven technical and managerial experience

in running products from the early step of definition through design and lab integration up to

production and introduction to end customer:

o Program Manager must have a strong background in project management. Required strong leadership skills to coordinate and motivate project teams. Must be conversant in financial management to administer budgets across multiple projects and ensure the program meets its requirements for return on investment.

o Participate in formal product development and product improvement programs that determine specifications for new products and improvements to existing products to create and/or meet projected market demand.

o Conduct competitive assessments to gauge the state-of-the-market in Wilcox product areas

o Determine and track customer satisfaction using formal and informal methods.

o Identify and evaluate partnership opportunities.

o Develop, execute and deliver quality solution-focused client presentations targeting clients from staff to C-level.

o Provide customer liaison services.

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Title: Engineering - Hardware - Program Management - HW

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