Bruker Corporation Application Engineer in Migdal Ha'Emek, Israel

As one of the world’s leading analytical instrumentation companies, Bruker covers a broad spectrum of advanced solutions in all fields of research and development. All our systems and instruments are designed to improve safety of products, accelerate time-to-market and support industries in successfully enhancing quality of life. We’ve been driving innovation in analytical instrumentation for 50 years now. Today, worldwide more than 6,000 employees are working on this permanent challenge, at over 70 locations on all continents.

Provides technical expertise through sales presentations, product demonstrations, installation and maintenance of company products.

Assists the sales staff in assessing potential application of company products to meet customer needs and preparing detailed product specifications for the development and implementation of customer applications/solutions.

May build an application based on customer requirements to demonstrate feasibility of the application, often requiring rapid prototyping and/or product demo for client.

May provide software development and consultation to prospective users and/or product capability assessment and validation.

Support of the core technology, engineering and production teams in qualification of the new technologies, algorithms, methodologies, software and hardware features

Ensures that the product application/solution is functioning according to specifications including source inspection of the tools prior to shipment.

May provide follow-up support to company sales staff and customer personnel by disseminating technical information on specific applications.

Will work with the customers from prior to the sale, through delivery and installation.


  • Good knowledge in Materials Engineering basics (thermodynamics, kinetics, diffusion, basic crystallography etc). Knowledge of the processes in microelectronics - bonus

  • Acquaintance with characterization techniques (preferably hands-on work and results analysis). Experience in matching and mis-match analysis of the different techniques - bonus. Experience in XRF and classical XRR - bonus, XRD or HR XRD - bonus

  • Good knowledge in statistics and data analysis. Experience in metrology - bonus

  • Fluent English and experience in technical writing

  • Good communication skills, good reporting skills

  • Ability to work under pressure and with tight deadlines.

  • Self-organization, self-discipline. Ability to work alone and in the team; creativity. Experience in working in industry environment - bonus. Experience in problem troubleshooting in industry - bonus

  • Serviceability, ability to manage customer expectations. Experience in working with customers from different cultures and mentality - bonus

  • Mobility – the position requires customer support abroad, sometimes with a very short notice.


Degree in Materials engineering, Chemical engineering, chemistry or physics (B.Sc minimum, M.Sc. is sufficient).

Advantage for: Job experience in the semiconductor field.

ID: 2018-5679

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